Some people find it easy to choose befitting competition bikini suits while others become overwhelmed with the variety of colors and styles available.

This article will guide you in choosing competition bikini suits that befits you.

  • Consider Your Skin Colour

Do you desire for your suits to stand out on stage? If yes, go for a contrasting color from your skin like hologram emerald green, sequin royal, and sequin aqua. Although be cautious of light color fabric, because you can get the darkest tan of your life if you go for a light-colored fabric.

For those with blonde hair, it is better to pick a suit with a darker color to contrast with your hair. Or if you have a red-colored hair, emerald or blue colored suits will be nice on you. With a brunette hair, you can flaunt any color.

  • Add Crystals

Adding crystals to your suit will make you stand out on stage. Crystal adds spark and elegance to your suit, the more you add the better, and it comes in different colors. Although getting a crystallized bikini may be out of budget, so you can get sequin fabric instead.

  • Consider Your Physique

You need to take into consideration your physique when choosing connectors. Choose a competition bikini suit that you feel will flatter your physique best. If your abductors are great, the connector will look perfect on you, they are usually small and will not distract from your muscle. Connector suits taller athletes more. For short athletes, long dangle connectors especially can make their legs appear shorter. You can hardly go wrong with connectors.

  • Bikini Back Cut

There are mainly 3 different back cuts for bikini bottoms and a standard cut for hour figure bottoms. Between the 3 bikini cuts, the only difference is the quantity of fabric used on the butt. The Brazilian cut is recommended for NPC bikini competitors. For shows that require 50% coverage, the moderate cut is recommended. There are also high rise front option that is well suited for athletes that are not as lean as desired and wish to cover a C-section scar. In such cases, the standard NPC figure cut is recommended.