Choosing Competition Bikini Suits

Some people find it easy to choose befitting competition bikini suits while others become overwhelmed with the variety of colors and styles available.

This article will guide you in choosing competition bikini suits that befits you.

  • Consider Your Skin Colour

Do you desire for your suits to stand out on stage? If yes, go for a contrasting color from your skin like hologram emerald green, sequin royal, and sequin aqua. Although be cautious of light color fabric, because you can get the darkest tan of your life if you go for a light-colored fabric.

For those with blonde hair, it is better to pick a suit with a darker color to contrast with your hair. Or if you have a red-colored hair, emerald or blue colored suits will be nice on you. With a brunette hair, you can flaunt any color.

  • Add Crystals

Adding crystals to your suit will make you stand out on stage. Crystal adds spark and elegance to your suit, the more you add the better, and it comes in different colors. Although getting a crystallized bikini may be out of budget, so you can get sequin fabric instead.

  • Consider Your Physique

You need to take into consideration your physique when choosing connectors. Choose a competition bikini suit that you feel will flatter your physique best. If your abductors are great, the connector will look perfect on you, they are usually small and will not distract from your muscle. Connector suits taller athletes more. For short athletes, long dangle connectors especially can make their legs appear shorter. You can hardly go wrong with connectors.

  • Bikini Back Cut

There are mainly 3 different back cuts for bikini bottoms and a standard cut for hour figure bottoms. Between the 3 bikini cuts, the only difference is the quantity of fabric used on the butt. The Brazilian cut is recommended for NPC bikini competitors. For shows that require 50% coverage, the moderate cut is recommended. There are also high rise front option that is well suited for athletes that are not as lean as desired and wish to cover a C-section scar. In such cases, the standard NPC figure cut is recommended.




The Twist In The Bhanwari Devi Case That Shows The Depravity Of The Accused

Sunil Gurjar Sabal Bharat

The Bhanwari Devi case has strongly become etched in the mind of the public for the depravity of the accused. While the case caught the attention of a shocked nation when it first broke out, the case had a main plot and many sub plots in it with many individuals involved in some role or the other. While most of the accused are behind bars, a few are absconding while some others still continue to remain free despite a possible link to the case. The female nurse who had illicit relations with a minister in the Rajasthan government who was later sacked due to the case, tried to get a better deal for herself by making a sleaze CD which showed the minister’s relations with her.

Her attempt to blackmail involved many characters who were used to relay the message to the minister and back. The web of actions involved a very influential broker in Delhi, who had links in the corridors of power. He came into the picture to broker a deal between Bhanwari Devi the nurse and the minister in the case. However, this is where the plot thickens, showing how many individuals sought to cash in on this CD for different benefits. The person entrusted with the task of showing/handing over the CD preferred to make additional copies for himself which was planned to be used for leveraging benefits. The accused and the victim, reached some kind of an agreement in exchange for money, wherein the contents of the CD were not to be revealed. However, the additional copies of the CD were going to be serious cause for concern.

Bhanwari Devi made last ditch efforts to convey a message to the minster that she was not involved in the making of additional copies of the CD. However, by the time she tried to get this across, the reports of the CD began making the rounds, which forced the hand of the minister to unleash the goons on Bhanwari Devi. She ended up being brutally murdered. The life of a victim snuffed out due to the greed and insatiable lust of the powerful. The depravity of the accused and the individuals knew no bounds as can be seen from the fact that even the husband of the victim became a pawn in the case. He cooperated with the accused to let Bhanwari Devi go in a particular route, without any escort, knowing fully well that her life was in danger.

The minister Mahipal Maderna, who ended up losing his job as the Water Resources Minister for his role in the atrocity, was arrested and jailed. Sahi Ram Bishnoi, an individual who is treated as an absconder in the case, is the ex-zilla parishad of Jodhpur. He was the one whom Bhanwari Devi confided in, seeking his assistance in contacting the minster to report about the additional copies of the CD. He presently carries a reward of one lakh on his head and remains untraceable.

One of the key characters is the alleged power broker from Delhi with whom the deal was struck for sale of the CD. The mediator who facilitated the deal between Bhanwari and the power broker was Sunil Gurjar, who was questioned by the CBI on a few occasions. However, he is yet to be arrested and remains free from the clutches of the law. He has other allegations against him, such as running NGOs which defraud individuals of their hard earned money.

The status of the case and the present whereabouts of the accused show how the powerful manage to wield their influence in any situation and manage to stay scot free. The role of the husband has been a mystery to many who have closely followed the investigation and the reports. He had allegedly knowingly facilitated the abduction of his wife by making her to travel on a bus alone in a particular route. However, after her disappearance he filed a habeas corpus application in the court seeking information about his missing wife. Ironically, it was the same habeas corpus petition and the media outcry that resulted in the investigation. The courts swung into action, directed the CBI to conclude the investigation at the earliest. It was during these investigations that the role of the husband was revealed in the gruesome act.

The case has multiple twists and sub plots that make it as despicable as possible. Sohan Lal, an engineer with the health department was reportedly the person who made the additional copies of the CD. He is the one who used Sunil Gurjar to get the Delhi based power broker to handle the deal. While he has been imprisoned the others continue to remain free. Online portals have uploaded recordings of a call which Bhanwari Devi had with a few of the accused. In one of the calls she is heard clearly talking about the deal and the people behind the deal. She entered into a smaller ring of conspiracy with one Indira, who was the sister of an MLA, and the duo recorded the call which she had with the then Jodhpur zilla parishad.

The call spilt out quite a lot of details regarding the entire sordid episode and this gave the investigating agencies many inputs which helped to carry out the investigation in the case. The individuals in the call have however, not been arrested. While they have been questioned multiple times, they have not been arrested. This clearly shows how many individuals slip through loopholes in the law due to insufficient evidence. While the role and the involvement of the individuals are beyond doubt, they continue to enjoy freedom. They remain as powerful as ever before, leading normal lives, while the life of a female nurse was snuffed out in the most brutal and diabolical manner. The whole saga of sex, lies, deceit and tapes do not augur well for India and the citizens of India, as politicians will continue to wield influence.


Over the years, there have been different trends of outfit that were invogue but are no longer trending but there are some that are still trending. In recent past many avenues have been used to showcase latest designs of outfits.


Runway is used to showcase styles of outfits that are trending. While this avenue is has proved effective, there is another method that has proved more effective” the street style”


The street style has proved to be so effective in recent past till now because it not only display outfits that will come out in the future, it also show cases what’s on- trend right now. So if you want to keep up your wardrobe up to date, the world’s top street style stars are the inspiration you need.

There are different styles of outfits that are trending now. Let’s examine them one at a time.

  1. Bike shorts with blazers

The bike shorts were worn with blazers by many show goers. Though the outfit is trendy and looks nice on the wearers, it’s not to be worn to office or the gym, it’s most appropriate for attending shows and hanging out with friends for a casual outfit.

  • Animal instinct

It refers to the use of animal skin color to make prints for fabrics. For instance, the leopard print is a favorite print among fashionistas and has appeared on a variety of garments including pants, coats, dresses, suits and more.

  • Jumpsuit

Jumpsuit or boiler suit was particularly and originally designed as a one piece protective garments for manual laborers but in recent times it has become fashionable and functional.

  • Puff shoulders

 It’s a bold ruffle and oversize silhouettes that resulted in the statement Puff shoulders that we find on dresses and blouses.

  • Colored tartan.

Leopard is not the only popular print that is still trending.

Tartan is a classic pattern in unique and bold colors such as red, blue, green and yellow.

  • Shrunken bags.

They are small in size but do not have a definite shape, it can only contain a phone and lipstick because of its size.

Ways to Keep Up with Fashion Trends

Ways to Keep Up with Fashion Trends

One of the attributes of fashion is dynamism which means that fashion trends keep changing from time to time. It takes real efforts to keep updated with fashion trends but here are some helpful suggestions that can keep you updated. We will consider them one at a time.

1.    Attending fashion shows

Regularly, fashion shows are organized by various designers to keep us updated on the latest fashion trends. Attending them can keep you updated with fashion trends.

2.    Reading fashion magazines and blogs

These publications and blogs are filled with numerous tips and techniques that bring out the diva in you. Also, some blogs are dedicated to particular clothing items such as jeans, tees, jackets, and Blazers.

3.    Use fashion accessories

The benefits of using fashion jewelry cannot be neglected. For one thing, they are available and accessible at a very low cost. It complements and suits various outfits you put on. Most important, it makes you look trendy and fashionable when you put them on. Don’t just keep up with trends, looking trendy too is a way to keep up with fashion trends.

4.    Regularly visiting online stores

The online world has made it quite easy to keep up with the latest fashion trends. You can easily surf through the internet for amazing varieties under different platforms. One such online store where we can find a wide range of impressive and trending fashions style is KARIELLA.

5.    Window shopping

Window shopping is another easy and effective way of keeping abreast with trending fashions without spending a penny or going through much stress and this is because most fashion designers hang their latest designs on a mannequin and display it outside where it can be easily seen by people passing by. So, it’s easy to steal a glance or even walk into the store and acquaint yourself with the designs.

Lastly, attending occasions such as weddings, burial ceremonies, buffet parties and so on can also avail you with the opportunity to know the fashion style that’s trending because a lot of people go to extra lengths to look good and trendy on these occasions which gives you an edge.

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